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Handing down the heart and craftsmanship.

On March 27, 2012, we changed our store name to "Tatamiya Tatsuzo" after the name of the founder Tatsuzo Sugimoto. We ensure his heart and craftsmanship as a tatami maker will be handed down to the future.
We appreciate your continuous support and patronage, and please feel free to contact us by calling us"Tatsuzo-san!"

Founded in

Tatsuzo Sugimoto
(1895 - 1981)

Yuichi Sugimoto 4th generation
(Born in 1979, blood type: A)

Making tatami for your brighter life.

I took over the representative position in 2017.
We will continue to refine the heart and craftsmanship of the founder Tatsuzo, and craft tatami to bring relaxation and brightness to our customers' life.

Yuichi Sugimoto 4th generation

Yuichi Tatsuo  3th generation

Third generation
Tatsuo Sugimoto
(Born in 1952, blood type:B)

He is most fussy about quality and technique.
Archery is his hobby.

二代目辰蔵 杉本八郎

Second generation
Hachiro Sugimoto
(Born in 1927, blood type: AB)

He is a very, very serious person.
He is willing to work until the end of his life.
No particular hobbies but loves noodles.

About the Business
Development, production and sales of tatami products

Tools for making tatami mats

Same traditional tools, new machine.
Efforts never stop, evolution continues by changing means.

There is no end in craftsmanship.

This is the principle of Tatamiya Tatsuzo.

History of Tatamiya Tatsuzo

Founder Tatsuzo was born in Ishikawa, Yosano Town, Kyoto

When Tatsuzo was 8, his father passed away and he went into service in a tatami shop in Mineyama, Kyotango. Later, he had trained as a tatami craftsman in Osaka.

March 7, 1927
The Great Tango Earthquake occurred. Tatsuzo returned home to stay with his mother. Later, he opened Sugimoto Tatami Store in Miyazu, Kyoto (current location).

The second generation Hachiro joined the business.
He was ordered to be at the front in the WWI. The war ended when he was in Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto.

The theird generation Tatsumi joined the business.

Tatsuzo passed away at age 85. He was at work until a month before his death.
During the 11 years since 1970, Tatamiya Tatsuzo was run by three (first to third) generations.

Yuichi joined the business and it has been run by three (second to fourth) generations until now.

Changed the store name to "Tatamiya Tatsuzo Sugimoto Tatami Store" after the founder's name.

This year marked the 90th anniversary of the business. The fourth generation Yuichi became the representative.


☎︎ 0772-22-2924

Store and workshop:
1773, Sumiyoshi, Miyazu, Kyoto

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